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February is Dental Month

Plaque is the Enemy

Dental hygiene is extremely important for all animals since periodontal disease can lead to infection in the liver, kidneys and heart. The first stage of plaque formation begins minutes to a few hours after glycoprotein’s deposited by the saliva onto the teeth. It only takes 24-36 hours for this material to be colonized by bacteria, then within 3-5 days this material calculus (tartar) has formed on the teeth. The calculus causes gum irritation and periodontal disease. This is why brushing your pets’ teeth everyday or at least every other day to break the bacteria cycle is so helpful in the fight against dental disease.

When your pet undergoes a dental procedure, tartar is removed, the health of the teeth and gums are evaluated. Any teeth needing extraction are removed, remaining teeth are polished and fluoride treatments are applied to the teeth. All dental procedures are done under general anesthesia.

Feline Polish- $160.00
Canine Polish 0-25#-$160.00
Canine polish 26-50#- $175.00
Canine Polish 51-100 #- $190.00
Canine polish 101-+#- $ 210.00

Ask about the dental special in February –Dental Month

by Lianne Martin on Argyle Veterinary Hospital

once again......Drs. Bitters, Helmsley & Ali go above and beyond to effectively diagnose & treat one of our beloved equine family members. Absolute... Read More

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