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I just found out my cat has diabetes. What care will he need?

Feline Diabetes


The following article is taken from the “Purina® Animal Instincts” Podcast Series. Learn more at www.purina.com.

Cats tend to suffer quietly. But don’t be fooled by a stoic cat, especially if it’s diabetic. Diabetes strikes cats in different ways and they’ll react to treatment in their own way.

There are two types of feline diabetes and each requires different levels of care. In some cases, the illness can be controlled through a strict dietary regime. But quite often, feline diabetes requires more on the part of the owner. Daily injections of insulin may be called for, although in some cases insulin can be squirted into the kitty’s mouth.

So it goes without saying that a diabetic cat, stoic or not, takes a bit of effort. But most owners find they get used to the regime, and so does the cat. The effort ensures that both will be in good company for a long time to come.

– Dr. Larry McDaniel, DVM

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